Semantic technology integration

datalanguage are experts in implementing and integrating semantic technologies. We have significant experience in high availability, high performance triple-store integration, and the design and implementation of semantic software systems

We have a wealth of experience in the design and implementation of semantic technology solutions, from small prototypes to enterprise scale platforms.

A triple-store is a specialised graph database for the storage and retrieval of RDF structured data. Typically triple-stores provide RDFS and OWL inferencing (reasoning) capabilities, and information retrieval using the SPARQL query language.

datalanguage are experts in the integration of robust, high performance triple-stores. We can build clustered, redundant, triple-store solutions as part of a greenfield semantic architecture or integrated into your existing publishing systems. We have considerable expertise developing with, and integrating Ontotext's GraphDB (OWLIM) semantic repositories. A triple-store can complement your existing media delivery solution and act a repository for semantic metadata including open and enterprise linked data referencing your content and digital assets.

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