Semantic publishing systems

Semantic publishing combines the semantic annotation of your editorial content with automated publishing techniques based on semantic querying of the annotations and their underlying domain models, delivering rich user journeys through your content

Traditional publishing strategies typically require considerable manual and editorial input into the publishing of digital media news and audio visual content. Once your content has been semantically annotated with linked data (using automated or semi-automated text analysis), your content can be published automatically. The domain models (ontologies) that underlie the semantic tags offer the ability to aggregate content accurately and with a high degree of relevance.

These techniques can automate contextual navigation and improve breadth and depth of audience journeys through your content, thus delivering a rich user experience with high engagement.

The datalanguage team has extensive experience in the design and build of semantic publishing systems, having implemented solutions for leading digital media publishers.

We can help you integrate semantic publishing techniques into your existing content publishing system or design a new semantic publishing architecture from the ground up. We can help you build out low risk proofs of concept to demonstrate dynamic semantic publishing and advise you on strategies for migrating to a semantic architecture.

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