Reasoning with the DBpedia Ontology 3.9

DBpedia Logo At BBC Newslabs we recently upgraded DBpedia in our triplestores to DBpedia version 3.9. As explained in my blog post last year we actively use OWL and RDFS inferencing to reason across our knowledge base, and having the ability to navigate our knowledge graph via the DBpedia ontology is key to a number of our use-cases.

However, while the DBpedia 3.9 ontology is richer, and more logically consistent than the 3.8 version, the instance data is still mis-used somewhat with respect to domains and ranges, causing the odd inference collapse when RDFS reasoning is applied.

So as we did with DBpedia 3.8, we created a version of the DBpedia 3.9 ontology with domains and ranges removed. This allows us to benefit from class and property inheritance, but not get lost in a mess of false truths.

you can download the domain and range stripped version of the DBpedia 3.9 ontology here:

The DBpedia guys have done a great job in improving the ontology substantially from the earlier releases. it would be awesome if a future release addressed some of the messiness in the instance data with respect to the ontology as well.