Visualising FIBO - Part 1

by Paul Wilton, 16 August 2014

The Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) describes the domain model of business and finance. The ontologies are well defined, but there is little in the way of visualisations of the models to aid consumers and developers. In this post I provide visualisations of the Person and Organizations FIBO domain models to aid evaluation and adoption into a project.

Reasoning with the DBpedia Ontology 3.9

by Paul Wilton, 1 August 2014

Fixing domain and range inference collapses using DBpedia 3.9

Resource Identity and httpRange-14

by Julian Everett, 18 November 2013

A retrospective on resource identity and the practical implications of httpRange-14 following client handover on a very large semantic publishing program to a financial services client.

Reasoning with the DBpedia Ontology

by Paul Wilton, 23 April 2013

Overcoming inference problems when combining the DBpedia 3.8 ontology with the 3.8 instance dataset in an OWL+RDFS reasoning triple store.

More on Ontology Engineering in the Enterprise

by Paul Wilton, 14 August 2012

In a previous blog post I discussed ontology engineering with respect to enterprise technical architecture and the use of well understood design patterns in aligning semantic technologies with the traditional. One of the common questions I hear in the semantic technology communities is why continue to create new ontologies and not re-use public domain ontologies and upper ontologies to model most domains. I will attempt to answer this, again from a practical and enterprise technical architecture viewpoint.

Linked-Data URI Strategy for Organisations

by Silver Oliver, 7 June 2012

The importance of linked data URI strategy for organisations, with discussion on brand trust, provenance, relevance, value, reach and some technical considerations.

An Example of Ontology Driven Software Engineering

by Paul Wilton, 17 May 2012

Describing some of the engineering behind the Press Association semantic publishing stack and how the ontology design and the software design work together in unison.

Combining the SNaP news ontology with other domain specific ontologies

by Paul Wilton, 9 December 2011

The SNaP news ontology includes a basic Stuff domain model for modeling real world entities so they can be annotated against news assets (stories etc). Now there are many cases where you might want to use an existing specialised rich domain model to semantically annotate your news assets with, using an ontology that your consumers already may understand.

Press.Net News Ontology

by Paul Wilton, 5 September 2011

The Press.Net (SNaP) news ontology is a lightweight set of 5 smaller ontologies that combine to provide a model for representing news assets in RDF, classified and annotated with real world concepts. I have put together some simple examples to demonstrate their use.

Notes on Practical Ontology Modelling in the Enterprise

by Paul Wilton, 23 June 2011

Some brief notes on pragmatic ontology modelling. It is borne out of practical experience of building ontologies for real world semantic publishing applications. It borrows design principles from good traditional software architecture techniques applying them to ontology design.