Our services

Digital media technical strategy

Technology strategy consultancy is the foundation of all our client engagements, using a robust risk management framework. Everything we do is rooted in a philosophy of incremental, adaptive delivery driven by commercial opportunities, combined with strong technical governance

Semantic publishing systems

Semantic publishing combines the semantic annotation of your editorial content with automated publishing techniques based on semantic querying of the annotations and their underlying domain models, delivering rich user journeys through your content

Semantic technology integration

datalanguage are experts in implementing and integrating semantic technologies. We have significant experience in high availability, high performance triple-store integration, and the design and implementation of semantic software systems

Text Analytics and Semantic Annotation

Flat tagging or labelling of content with meta-tags has become common place and is used extensively on blogs and news content to aid search and contextual surfacing of content. Semantic annotation is the automated and manual application of linked data identifiers to media adding significantly to the utility of applied tags

Ontology modelling and linked data management

Embracing domain driven design, datalanguage are experts in ontology modelling and linked data management strategies. We focus on pragmatic modelling solutions and believe a little bit of semantics goes a long way.

Very high scalability internet delivery

The advent of next generation semantic publishing techniques opens up a new world of contextual content and advertising possibilities. datalanguage can help you define cache-optimised delivery architectures that meet the challenges of maintaining a very high scalability content delivery capability

About Us

We are a digital media technical consultancy with expertise and specialist knowledge in semantic web software, linked data, and solutions architecture. With a proven track record in developing and implementing technical strategy for leading digital media organisations, our recent experiences have focussed on the design, build, and implementation of robust and high performance semantic publishing systems. We provide a range of services from technical strategy, through guidance of your own in-house development team, to delivery of full end-to-end solutions.

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Our team

Paul Wilton

Technical Architect

Paul is a software and technical architect. He has extensive experience in the technical design and architecture of enterprise scale internet enabled applications, full-stack software development, and has a keen interest in data modelling and data architecture

Julian Everett

Technical Architect

Julian is a technical solutions architect with a background in building distributed middleware services for financial and digital media organisations. His areas of interest include service and ontology contract management techniques, global HTTP-based delivery architecture, and the use of real options to enhance technology risk management

Silver Oliver

Information Architect

Silver is an information architect specialising in ontology and domain driven information architectures. Prior to joining datalanguage, he was the Discipline lead of Information Architecture across the BBC, informing strategic direction for the application of data for online publishing. He is also the co‐founder of the London Linked Data meet­‐up

Anthony Hughes

Software Developer

Anthony is a talented cross-platform software engineer with a specialist interest in computational linguistics. Anthony has much experience developing with RDF, linked data and semantic technologies.